How they made it happen

The Energy Audit:

  • PTC’s Energy audit team conducted the energy audit in 2017.
  • Steps for the audit included Building Utility Data Analysis, Walk-Through Survey, and Baseline for Building Energy Use and Evaluating Energy-Saving Measures.
  • The inspection survey involved processes and systems to reduce the amount the energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM):

As per the energy audit, various ECM were recommended. ECM is basically designed, installed and commissioned in a way that they guarantee energy savings. This included both industrial and commercial facilities.

  • ECM-1 : Replacement of existing CFL & FTL with the LED lights
  • ECM-2 : Improvement in Facility Electricity Trends – Reduction in contract demand – Revision of Traffic Structure
  • ECM-3 : Improvement in power factor
  • ECM-4 : Installation of new glazing’s on window

Implementation of ECMs:

Successful implementations of ECM led to the subsequent but relevant changes reducing cost and saving energy.