The Concept of PTC

India is the third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity in the world with an installed capacity that has increased from 1362 MW in 1947 to more than 370 GW as on 31st March 2020. There have been significant improvements in reducing deficits with peak deficit of 0.7% and energy shortage of 0.5% during FY2019-20. In spite of the overall shortage, the inherent diversity in demand of various States and Regions in the country results in periods of seasonal surplus in one State or region coinciding with periods of deficit in another. This coexistence of overall shortages with complementary geographical and temporal surplus-deficits provides substantial opportunities to improve the economic efficiency and reliable supply through trading of power both within as well as across Regions.

PTC India Ltd. (formerly known as Power Trading Corporation of India Limited), was incorporated in 1999 to undertake trading of power to achieve economic efficiency and security of supply and to develop a vibrant power market in the country. Therefore, PTC has a tri-fold mandate:

  1. To optimally utilize the existing resources to develop a full-fledged efficient and competitive power market
  2. To attract private investment in the Indian power sector
  3. To encourage trade of power with neighboring countries


The pioneering service of the Company led to recognition of “Power Trading” as a distinct licensed activity in the Electricity Act 2003. PTC holds Category I license from Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), the highest category with permission to trade unlimited volumes. PTC has maintained the largest market share since inception and is No. 1 in last 21 years of operations with its innovative products and services.

PTC would continue to play a frontrunner’s role towards development of a vibrant power market in India and the South Asian Region and shall strive to add value to its customers’ operations through providing holistic services that serve the evolving needs of the sector.