The Background

PTC being amongst the leading corporate group in India visualizes meaningful, sustainable CSR programs, positively impacting lives of the marginalized section of society and effectively contributing towards India’s development goals. In tune with the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, community is the focal point of CSR activities and the aim is integrating CSR into the core operations of the Company.

In line with the corporate social commitment, PTC has established “PTC Foundation Trust” in October 2016 to professionally and effectively undertake the activities pursuant to the CSR vision of PTC and the group companies.

Logo and descriptive narrative of PFT

The Logo Colours (Sunrise Orange & leaf green) are the house colours of PTC Group Companies. Leaf Green represents our concern for the environment and community. Sunrise Orange represents the eternal source of energy. Together the two colours represent the harmony between the energy of business enterprise and its symbiotic relationship with the communities that its businesses serve.

The Orange part of the logo signifies PTC Group as a live being; joyous and aspiring to expand its presence in every aspect of communities and their lifestyles. This part is extended in harmony with the green part of the Logo which represents the needs and beliefs of the communities. The extended shape of the green part stands for commitment to the communitys sustainable growth. The uniform and transparent space between the two parts of the Logo represent confidence, faith and trust which allows both parts to co-exist as a whole; in harmony.

The tag line empowering Community with a capital P articulates our link to the power industry and our mindfulness of the responsibility towards the community that sets no boundaries on the entreprenencial spirit of PTC Group.

The synergistic relationship between the communities and our business operations lead us to include various societal objectives like capacity building, womens empowerment, health & sanitation and distributed energy in our CSR programmes.

The Focus

PTC Foundation has been engaged in undertaking a wide range of CSR activities with focus on Women Empowerment, Girl Child Education and their Empowerment, skilling youth and farmers, all from socially and economically disadvantaged communities. The programs are also aimed towards promoting Renewable Energy (Solar Power), supporting Differently Abled Persons, public health and hygiene and Empowering Farmers towards livelihood improvement.

All the above activities are targeted towards the economically weaker sections of the society to fulfill the social commitment of PTC and also enhance their Corporate Image as a company committed towards fulfilling the felt needs of the relatively disadvantaged sections of the Society.

Extra Curricular Activities

CSR Activities

The important initiatives which have been taken by PTC India through the PTC Foundation is briefly given below:

Sanitation Work
Sanitation, health and hygiene is an integral part of any society for a healthy living. PTC has made efforts towards this by maintaining the sanitation and hygiene near the surrounding of its work place by covering 40000 Sq. Mtr. area near its office at B. C. Place. It has built a robust corporate image for PTC, appreciated by several thousand people moving in this area. PTC has further taken up modernization and renovation of two community toilets in the B.C. Place Complex for providing clean, hygienic and bio-digester based toilets for the community. The toilet complex near MTNL building was inaugurated by Shri Deepak Amitabh, CMD, PTC India Ltd on 4th May, 2018.

Night view of outside of the toilet complex building

Digital class room (Pehal) in Leh, Ladakh