Consultancy / Advisory Solutions

PTC has been providing market advisory services to clients since inception. However, a need was felt to strengthen PTC’s consultancy services that would provide market participants customized solutions across the power sector value chain. Keeping this in view, PTC initiated a one-stop market-based advisory for providing consultancy/ advisory solutions across the energy sector in commercial, financial, technical, operational and regulatory spheres under the domain of PTC Consultancy.

Through its consulting services, PTC focuses on energy projects comprising power, renewable energy, oil and gas. Since inception, PTC completed more than 100 consultancy assignments, covering a gamut of entities like government organisations, corporates, project developers, utilities and various multi-lateral agencies.

PTC offers services broadly across energy domains

  1. Cost Optimization 
  • Risk assessment and mitigation measures
  • Business strategy energy procurement
  • Contract structuring
  • Public-private partnership and bid advisory 
  1. Portfolio Management 
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply availability assessment
  • Demand-supply gap assessment
  • Power procurement/sale planning
  • Scheduling and dispatch planning
  • Price forecasting
  • Energy accounting
  • Management dashboards 
  1. Regulatory and policy consulting 
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Tariff design
  • Monitoring and compliance 
  1. O&M services to distribution licenses 
  • Power procurement strategy
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Metering and billing
  • Assistance for regulatory and statutory compliances 
  1. Energy efficiency and energy audit 
  • Energy audit and management services
  • PMC on energy efficiency
  • Trading on ESCerts 
  1. Transmission and infra-based services 
  • Study, recommend and preparation of transmission connectivity DPRs
  • Detailed route survey and line engineering
  • Engineering and contracting 
  1. Renewable energy 
  • Renewable Energy Resource Assessment
  • Project development support
  • Debt and equity financing services
  • Assistance in sale /purchase of RE power 
  1. Capacity building 
  • Customized training programmes
  • Study tours
  • Knowledge exchange programmes