About Us

Energy is one of the most critical components required for the development and progress of communities, enterprises and individuals. It thus acts as an enabler to various forms of commercial and individual activity. However, in a developing nation such as India there still are certain regions which are have yet to receive their first rays of reliable and consistent electric supply. Though considerable capacity additions have been made to the nation’s power generation facilities, yet the demand levels continue to outpace the supply options. The Government has historically played a lead role in providing for the energy needs of the nation. In recent times, there has been growing realization of the necessity to involve private enterprise in the development of the industry.

PTC India Limited was born in April 1999 out of the need for an institution which would provide credit risk mitigation to private power project developers. At a point in time when no private player was willing to venture into this arena, the Government initiated the inception of the Company. PTC is a unique example of a successful Public-Private Partnership where the diverse representation on its Board of Directors sets the tone for its transparent governance practices.

PTC is a pioneer in starting a power market in India and undertakes trading activities which include long term trading of power generated from large power projects as well as short term trading arising as a result of supply and demand mismatches, which inevitably arise in various regions of the country. Since July 2001, when it started trading of power on a sustainable basis, it has provided the best value to both the buyers and sellers while ensuring optimum utilization of resources. PTC has grown from strength to strength, surpassing all expectations of growth and has evolved into a Rs.3,496.60 Crore as on March 2020 company in this short period of time with a client base covering all the state utilities of the country as well as some power utilities in the neighbouring countries.